Managing Your Farm

From a legal and financial perspective, a farm is a business like any other. But running a farm is a unique way of life with pressures, demands and responsibilities unlike other commercial enterprises.

At SWLaw, we understand that farmland is more than a capital asset. It supports and shapes families across generations so it is difficult to always take a hard-headed, business-focused approach.

Our solicitors and financial advisers have worked with local farmers for many years, offering a blend of traditional, personalised client care and a very modern commercial approach to the day-to-day issues that farm owners face.

Services For Day-To-Day Management Of Your Farm

We will work closely with you to form a full picture of your farm and your particular business needs. We try hard to offer advice that does not just help you overcome immediate obstacles, but is aimed at developing long-term, efficient farm management. Work we take on regularly includes:

  • Contracts of employment and other employment law matters affecting farm workers
  • Ensuring that you comply with health and safety requirements on the farm
  • Dealing efficiently with legal disputes involving your workers, suppliers and customers
  • Advising on all aspects of agricultural law
  • Registering your title to ensure that the boundaries are clear and to reduce the risk of land being lost by 'adverse possession'
  • Clarifying rights of way over your land
  • Obtaining appropriate livestock insurance, insurance to guard against incapacity of key workers and insurance against accidents on the farm
  • Specialist financial advice to ensure that your farm is run tax-efficiently
  • Managing risks to the business
  • Helping you develop a smooth succession plan for future ownership of the farm