About Us

SWLaw Solicitors Ltd and SWLaw Investment & Financial Planning Ltd in Devon are separate but complementary professional practices. Each practice operates independently to offer a full range of services within its field.

A flexible common-sense approach

We offer something different: access to broadly-based legal and financial planning advice, all under one roof. When you are at a crossroads — such as buying a homegrowing your business or passing on your farm — you need comprehensive advice from professionals who understand your personal and commercial priorities.

Our aim is always to develop a full understanding not just of the immediate need but of the broader context in which you come to us for advice.

Where appropriate, we are very pleased to work with your other professional advisers (e.g. accountants, tax advisers, land agents) to harness the skills required to give you better, more complete ('holistic') solutions.

We help you look ahead and so minimise or avoid future problems whilst also ensuring that you capitalise on any potential advantages.

Our approach to customer service

Our commitment to client care has always been the cornerstone of our business. Our staff are encouraged to take the time to consider the wider context and to think more creatively.

Many members of our team have worked in larger practices. They have seen how strict departmentalisation and aggressive billing targets can operate against the interests of clients. Throughout our development, we have reacted against this culture.

It is a testament to the quality of our services, and the relationships we build, that the majority of our work comes from returning clients and from personal and professional referrals.

We have an old-fashioned approach to our relationships with our clients but we embrace modern systems in delivering our services.

  • Significant investment in technology and staff training during the economic downturn means we are well-placed to help you make the most of new opportunities.
  • Our advisers work collaboratively, in teams. When queries arise, there will always be someone available who understands your position and can deal with your concerns.
  • We always look at the broader context. If we are advising you on a particular issue, we will always have one eye on related matters and more complete solutions. As a firm, we are actively involved in the community, supporting local charities both through active involvement and through fund-raising and other initiatives.

Call us on 01752 205202 or contact us online. Also please refer to our brochure for more information.