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Flooding - Are You at Risk?

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The Environment Agency has recently published new maps allowing members of the public to discover more information about the risk of flooding to their property – a useful tool to anyone who currently owns or is thinking of buying a property. The maps now show areas of the country at risk from flooding from surface water as well as from rising river levels or from the sea. This will allow homeowners and businesses to take preventative measures in advance of poor weather forecasts in order to protect their properties.

Accessing the information has become easier with the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency remarking that with ‘one in six homes in England at risk of flooding we urge people to check if they are at risk, and sign up to free river and coastal flood warnings, by visiting the Environment Agency website’. While some property owners may be conscious of the rising premiums to insure against the risks as a result of this information, the Environment Minister reassured the public that they have reached ‘an agreement with the ABI guaranteeing affordable flood insurance for people in high-risk areas both now and in the future’.

The Environment Agency has been offering flood risk management schemes to those at risk, with 200,000 properties being protected last year and Defra agreeing to invest £370 million per year from 2015 to protect more properties.

The new flood maps can be found at the Environment Agency website


New Maps to help Prepare For Flooding, Inside Conveyancing (13th December 2013)