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Novel corona virus UPDATE

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We remain open for business.  However, like everyone else, we are taking account of the health and safety of our clients and of the SWLaw team. The aim is to make necessary changes in practice but to keep them as seamless as possible.

We are restricting face to face meetings and relying as much as possible on telephone (including FaceTime and WhatsApp),  email and online video conferencing by Zoom.  

Most of the work is now being undertaken remotely from home. The team has access to our computer systems and to the VoIP phone system. Email will be picked up as usual. The phone system should work seamlessly as if everyone were here in the office; (we hope). There is a skeleton staff, by rota, to staff the offices and deal with hard copy mail.

People respond and adapt to changing circumstances in different ways. A crisis such as this brings out the best  - as well as (sometimes) the worst - in human nature. Our team are very committed to helping us maintain service to the best of our ability. There may even be some lessons for the longer term as we learn from some of the necessary adaptations;   that may lead to changes in practice and lifestyle that have a continuing effect even after the current crisis has passed.

Our team are responding very positively, constructively and flexibly across all practice areas.  Some are likely to be busier whilst others may see a downturn during this difficult period. Already, from the enquiries received,  we are finding that the pandemic has focused minds on : 

  • locking in to current, historically low, interest rates by re-financing mortgages and other borrowing
  • current low rates are favourable for those looking to make use of equity release
  • financial protection - sickness and life insurance
  • making Lasting Powers of Attorney - in case there is a period of incapacity
  • making (or updating) Wills
  • the impact of C-19 on current contractal arrangements
  • the depressed values of assets provide opportunities for long term investors

We are doing all we can  to maintain a high level of service albeit that staff resources may be restricted and timescales may reflect the constraints on resources.

Take care, stay safe, keep up to date with Government guidance, stay virus-free;  we all hope that this worrying episode concludes quickly, that its ill effects will be limited and that 'normal' life will be resumed before too long!

Please call back for further updates.