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NHS Employers Conference

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Speaking at the NHS Employers annual conference yesterday (16th Nov) Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, promised a shift of power from Westminster to clinicians and managers: there would be freedom from central interference and micro-management. With that freedom would go the responsibility for delivery of higher standards of service.

On standards, whilst praising the standards of many, the Secretary of State referred to instances where the quality of care for older people was not meeting acceptable standards. He has asked the Care Quality Commission to carry on with its programme of unannounced inspections. Whilst ruling out a statutory registration scheme for healthcare assistants he did announce that he had asked Skills for Health and Skills for Care to develop a code of conduct and minimum training standards for healthcare assistants and adult social workers.

The Secretary of State also spoke of the importance of transparency and openness of acknowledging and learning from errors and cultivating an environment in which people felt able to draw attention to errors and failings in practice.

The full speech can be heard here >