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Reforming Employment Relations

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Vince Cable, Secretary of State, in a speech to the Engineering Employers’ Federation, has set out plans “to radically reform (sic!) employment relations” safeguarding workers’ rights while deregulating to reduce the onerous and unnecessary demands on business. An interesting and challenging balancing exercise!

Announcements include :

Tribunals: all claimants will be obliged to submit claims to ACAS to give parties opportunity to resolve their dispute through conciliation before it can be taken to Tribunal

‘Protected conversations’: to allow open discussion on such matters as performance issues free from the concern that it may be used as evidence in a later Tribunal cliam

Compromise Agreements: consultation on simplifying arrangements

‘Rapid resolution’ scheme: for more straightforward matters

Review of Employment Tribunal rules: to be undertaken by Mr Justice Underhill with the intention of modernisation.Introducing fees to start a Tribunal case : consultation to be published by Ministry of Justice.

Qualifying period for unfair dismissal : to be increased from one year to two years

Compensated no-fault dismissal for firms with 10 or fewer employees: views to be sought from both sides

Slimmed down dismissal process: views to be sought on a move to a simpler, quicker and clearer dismissal process

CRB checks : results to be accessible online from 2013 to avoid duplication and delays

The full speech is here.