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DEFRA's IT Probems...

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The Western Morning News reports today that DEFRA’s new computer system is “causing chaos to records on cattle tested for bovine tuberculosis” and that this is leading to the incorrect imposition of movement restrictions.

According to the website of the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (‘AHVLA’) :

AHVLA is currently testing the new Sam IT system that will be rolled out to Official Veterinarian (‘OV’) practices to submit TB test results electronically. Live testing has identified a number of system issues that need to be resolved prior to commencing a staggered roll-out to OV practices. The agency is working to fix these issues as quickly as possible and apologises for the delay. OV practices will be written to directly in the next few weeks to confirm revised go-live dates. AHVLA remains committed to delivering a system that is of the highest quality possible from go-live.

In the meantime, how are farmers to be compensated for losses resulting from deficiencies in the system?

AHVLA gives the following contact details for support : Sam support desk: 0870 242 4996 //