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Facing a Tax Bill.. Could a VCT Help You?

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Investment into a Venture Capital Trust offers a number of tax incentives which could help you  reduce your income tax bill. Perhaps you recognise one of these scenarios:

  1. “I would like to draw more profit out of my company but I don’t want to pay higher rate tax on the dividends”
  2. “I am a high earner but I would like to retain more of my earnings  after tax so that I can save for the future”
  3. “I am facing an income tax bill on encashment of an investment bond”
  4. “I would like to set up a tax free income stream for the future”
  5. “I cannot put more into pension without exceeding the contribution limits and/or lifetime allowance”

We can help you to reduce tax and we can also offer very favourable terms to access tax favoured investment opportunities such as VCTs.

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