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New Year Resolutions...

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Whether or not you resolved to put your financial affairs in order in 2014,  it is likely that you should review your financial plan.  Here are some of the questions to ask:

-Is my retirement planning on track to enable me to enjoy the sort of retirement I am looking forward to ?

-Are my savings and investments well diversified and tax efficient ?

-Are my savings enough to meet my requirements?

-How could an injury or illness affect my plans and my standard of living ?

-Am I sure that my family is properly provided for in the event of my death ?

-Could the Inheritance Tax on my Estate be reduced or avoided ?

-Have I updated my Will recently and does it reflect my present wishes ?

-Are there any money-saving tips that could help me to reduce my outgoings ?

Why not give yourself some peace of mind?  Take advantage of the opportunity to have a no obligation meeting with one of our advisers and make sure that you know the answers to these key questions. Give is a call now !

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