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Over £7,000 Raised for Charities

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SWLaw are very pleased that the ‘Make a Will’ promotion has raised over £6,000 for charity.  This is a significant achievement, and we are grateful to all those clients who have generously contributed to this fundraising promotion and to our staff who have made this possible.

Most of the money raised has gone to local charities including Plymouth based Jeremiah’s Journey which has received £750 in donations to date. The charity provides invaluable support to families and children dealing with bereavement.  Among the other charities to benefit from this initiative are St Luke’s Hospice, Dame Hannah’s Trust, Woodside Animal Sanctuary, and Help for Heroes.

We hope that more people will come forward to take advantage of our offer – we will write a simple will without charge but we do ask that clients make a donation of no less than £50 to charity.  We also offer substantial discounts on more complex wills, again with the requirement that a donation is made to charity.

In addition SWLaw has raised over £1000 by its support for the Will Aid 2012 promotion to transform the lives of people around the world. – people like Claude, a former child soldier from war-torn Burundi.  After the troubles, in which he witnessed the violent death of his father, Claude returned to his village and with help from a SCIAF supported peace promoting rice co-operative, is now able to support his wife and daughter. He has been able to forgive his father’s killer and feels that this life has now been changed forever:  “I felt I was putting down a very heavy burden and that the sun had started rising in my heart”.  It costs just £300 to supply farming tools, fertilisers and goats for 5 families like Claude’s.

If you would like to support either Jeremiah’s Journey or any other charity of your choice by making a will, please contact us.