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Wills Dont Have to be Dull

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(A light-hearted look at Wills,  Lasting Powers of Attorney and matters financial)

As a firm we are passionate about helping people to understand the usefulness of these vitally important documents. We recently gave a presentation to a large and receptive audience at a very active local Women’s Institute.  The level of interest in the subject was very apparent from the very lively question and answer session. Feedback has been extremely positive and we are told that those present not only appreciated the information but also expressed some surprise to find that the presentation was light and entertaining rather than gloomy  and boring as might,  at first, have been expected!

If you are connected with a social group or charity please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help the members of your group to understand these issues. We do not normally charge for making a presentation and indeed linked to our current Charity free Wills promotion it can afford you an opportunity to raise much needed funds.

If we can help, we will ! Why not give us a call?