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Interventions and ISAs?

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Early intervention as an investment opportunity ?

The case for early intervention to tackle social problems and break the cycle of crime has been argued in a report ‘Early Intervention: Good parents, great kids, better citizens’written by Graham Allen MP and Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP and published jointly by the The Centre for Social Justice and The Smith Institute in 2008. It received cross-party support with the leaders of the main political parties all welcoming its contribution and the potential for change. A further report ‘Early Intervention: The Next Steps’ by Graham Allen was published in January 2011 at the request of the new coalition government in June last year.

Payment by results

In a further report commissioned by the Prime Minister and released today, ‘Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings’ Graham Allen has recommended that private firms and charities be paid by results in steering children away from crime and into work. Tax incentives are proposed to attract investment including an increased ISA allowance. In his report, Graham Allen says : “Early Intervention investment has the potential to make massive savings in public expenditure, reduce the costs of educational underachievement, drink and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, vandalism and criminality, court and police costs, academic underachievement, lack of aspiration to work and the bills from lifetimes wasted while claiming benefits. Just a small part of these savings will be required to pay back public and private investors for the outcomes they will achieve.”