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LPAs not just for the elderly

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Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are for everyone and it is the aim of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)  to ensure that we all have one. Who would you want to take important decisions on your behalf?

Loss of capacity to make decisions can happen at any time as a result of injury or illness. It may be only temporary or it may be permanent. Either way, it is important that someone we have chosen, someone we trust, can make those important decisions on our behalf.

So, if you are over 18, why not join the growing numbers of our clients who have made LPAs appointing an attorney to act in relation to their Property & Affairs  and / or an attorney to make decisions about matters of Health & Welfare? Whatever your age or circumstances we can offer help and guidance in taking this important step.

Don’t leave it too late:  you cannot appoint an attorney if you have already lost capacity! Put arrangements in place in good time. That is what the OPG is encouraging us all to do and with some success: registrations have more than trebled over the last 3 years to an expected 210,000 in the current year.