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Open Public Services White Paper

‘John Lewis’ public services are firmly on the agenda with the Prime Minister’s publication on 11th July of the Open Public Services White Paper. To quote from the White Paper: ” In the services amenable to commissioning, the principles of open public services will switch the default from one where the state provides the service itself to one where the state commissions the service from a range of diverse providers.”

In a parliamentary statement, Oliver Letwin, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office said :

Our principles are clear. They are choice, decentralisation, diversity, fair access and accountability. We will increase choice wherever possible; power will be decentralised to the lowest appropriate level; public services will be open to a diverse range of providers; we will ensure that there is fair access and fair funding for all; and services will be accountable to users and taxpayers.” One of the commitments he outlined was to “encourage employee ownership within the public services”.

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