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Owners Abroad Relief from Forced Heirship

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From August 17th, there are changes in European succession rules – after a very long gestation period.  The new regulation has implications for those ‘habitually resident’ in the UK  who are now able to elect that the rules of succession according to English Law should apply to their property abroad. This, for the first time, gives owners the opportunity to avoid the often unwelcome effects of ‘forced heirship’ under some European jurisdictions.

The election that English Law should apply to property in another EU country does need to be made expressly in the Will.  Consequently,  this would be a good time to review the Will and ensure that it reflects  current intentions.

SWLaw is also pleased to announce that it has become the first practice in the area to be accredited to the Law Society’s  “Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme”.   We are also unique in being able to offer the benefit of advice from two disciplines – Law and Investment.  SWLaw Solicitors, working with SWLaw Investment & Financial Planning Limited,  has certainly helped many of our clients to achieve good tax-efficient outcomes in their estate planning and other situations (both personal and commercial).


Regulation (EU) No 650/2012