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Jailed For Contempt in Court

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A personal injury claimant who was found to have lied and exaggerated the extent of his disability has been handed a 9 month jail term at the High Court by Sir Anthony May. Graham Loveday was found guilty of contempt of court. He was caught out by surveillance evidence and also by Facebook postings of photographs taken on a holiday trip to Lake Garda. Despite his alleged fear of travelling and his supposed inability to drive and his dependence on a wheelchair, he and his wife had driven from S Wales to N Italy by Land Rover towing a twin axle caravan.

False and exaggerated claims are not uncommon. This sort of fraud is seen by some as a victimless crime because insurers foot the bill. In reality, we all foot the bill not least in the higher premiums we pay. This sentence was a victory for the insurers, Acromas (formerly Saga) in this instance, and the Courts have sent a very strong signal that making untruthful statements is a serious matter.