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Thinking of Downsizing?

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It is not usual for our clients to downsize in their later years. This may be for practical and health reasons. It may be for financial reasons. (If the latter, it may be worth considering Equity Release as an alternative to a move.)

Downsizing is likely to free up cash. Typically, this will be a time to consider how that should be invested. The priority may be to have funds to top up pension income. There may be a worry about meeting possible care costs in the future. The aim may to pass wealth on to family and the potential Inheritance Tax bill may be a concern.

We find that, as solicitors, we are able to help with:

The sale (and purchase) of property

Updating Wills

Making Lasting Powers of Attorney

Advice on tax planning

At the same time, our financial advisers can help to make the best use of cash and investment products to meet individual requirements:

For income

To meet care costs

To reduce or eliminate any Inheritance Tax exposure

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