Business Premises

Our experienced team can advise in all areas of commercial transactions including:

  • Buying and Selling Commercial Premises
  • Leases & Lease Renewals
  • Business Transfer - Sale or Purchase of a business as a going concern
  • Land Disputes
  • Property Development

When buying commercial property, it is important to consider carefully how the property is to be held. We can explain the options and discuss the legal and taxation implications:

  • Will the property be bought by the trading company? By a separate company?
  • By you personally?
  • By your pension trustees?

On a sale or purchase of a business you will again have a number of options each with its own set of consequences including legal and taxation implications:

  • Will this be a sale of the shares in the company or a sale of the assets?
  • What should the acquisition vehicle be?
    • Offices
    • Business units
    • Retail premises
    • Licensed premises
    • Developments
    • Investment properties