Relationship Breakdown

Getting Divorced — Piecing Everything Together

Getting divorced is a painful process. For you and your family, it is a landmark — a time of flux and uncertainty, and at a time at which long-lasting decisions have to be made. With sensitivity and discretion, we focus on your situation as a whole, enabling you to piece things together — from child care to pension arrangements — and face the future.

Integrating The Financial and Legal Aspects Of Divorce

SWLaw is unusual in having established a team of experienced, sympathetic lawyers and financial advisers who work closely together under one roof. During and after your divorce, we are on hand to offer the legal support and financial guidance you need. When a settlement is reached, you will not be faced with having to source additional advice. Instead, you can rely on a team you already know and trust to safeguard your legal position and implement an appropriate financial plan.

Protecting You During Your Divorce And Afterwards

Pensions are often the most complex asset to divide in a divorce. Because we have financial as well as legal expertise, we can deal with most issues in-house. We can also offer bespoke advice on how to invest any lump sum you receive.

While the mechanics of getting a divorce decree or civil partnership dissolution are usually straightforward, resolving family financial issues, including arrangements for children, is more complex. Ways we can help include:

  • Child matters — Through mediation and other forms of negotiation, we can help you reach an agreement on the care of your children. Ultimately if no agreement is found, we can ask the court to intervene.
  • Property — You may need to buy a new home, sell an existing one or invest sale proceeds.
  • Wills — Any existing will is revoked when your marriage or civil partnership ends. We can advise you on a new will and on all aspects of estate planning.
  • Investing for the future — Our financial advisers offer bespoke advice on how you can protect your financial future with guidance on mortgages, insurance, pensions and other investments.