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The full Basic State Pension for 2016/17 is £155.65 a week – assuming you have 35 years if National Insurance. Would you want to rely on this State Pension when you retire? That is the prospect that many people still face who do not make adequate pension provision during their working lives.

Saving into either a private pension or your employer's scheme means that you're taking advantage of government tax breaks that can help boost your retirement income.

Whether you’re a basic rate tax payer or a higher rate tax payer, our expert team can help you review your existing policy or set up a new policy to ensure you can retire with peace of mind.

We will work with you to determine your finances and objectives in retirement. As we are independent, we will research the market place and make recommendations best suited to you.

Pension planning is a complex and varying area so it's important to take professional advice. At SWLaw Investment & Financial Planning we can help guide you through the process no matter whether you're a first-time saver or you're a long-term investor looking to take your retirement income now.

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