Intellectual Property

If you would like support in recognising, protecting, and assistance in exploiting intellectual property generated by your business, then SWLaw Solicitors can help you. The South West, and Devon in particular, is home to many companies that are often unaware that they have created property that has a significant value and requires protection.

  • Are you aware of your intellectual property rights?
  • Are you aware when and where you may infringe the intellectual property rights of others?

Commercialising And Exploiting Your Intellectual Property

Are you looking for ways to extract value from your intellectual property? If your talents lie in the creative work, you may adopt a licensing model to derive income from the exploitation of your intellectual property.

Alternatively, you may wish to be more actively involved and may be looking to start a business for this purpose. If so, you will have to be realistic about your strengths, your weaknesses and also about the funding available to you.

SWLaw can help you to formulate your plans and to put appropriate contractual arrangements in place.

Commissioning Works

If you engage someone to do work on your behalf, questions may arise as to the title to any intellectual property created in the course of that work:

  • Who owns the rights in something created by an employee in the course of his or her employment?
  • Who owns the rights in work that has been commissioned?

The position needs to be clear before the creative work is done and contractual arrangements have to reflect the agreement reached.