Managing Your Business

Start up: What? Why? Where? How?

  • Intellectual property rights protection: Your branding. Your ideas.
  • Managing your customer relations: Clear terms of business.
  • Choice of trading vehicle: Company. Partnership. Sole Trader.
  • Managing relations with your business partner(s): Partnership / Shareholder agreements.

Growing your business

  • Taking on staff: Avoiding the pitfalls. Terms of employment. Pensions and other benefits.
  • Premises: Lease or buy.

Managing the risks

  • Cash flow and credit control: Terms of trading. Debt recovery.

Maturing business

  • Devolving key functions to more senior staff
  • Investing in business growth: New premises. Additional equipment. Increasing staff.
  • Bringing in partners and/or investors
  • Developing the exit strategy and retirement planning

When things go wrong

  • Death or disability of a participant or key employee
  • Resolving disputes: Contractual claims. Property disputes. Protecting your intellectual property. Employment problems.
  • Health and Safety. Disputes with business partners.

Business Succession / Transfer

  • Early planning for Sale or Succession: Continuity. Maximising the potential. Minimising the tax bill.
  • Planning for succession in family-owned business
  • Take control and don't let other circumstances - for example, ill health or poor economic conditions - take decisions out of your control.