Investments Solicitors in Devon

What really matters when it comes to investment, is your individual circumstances and needs.

We recognise that no two people are the same. Whether you're looking for a strategy aiming for maximum growth, or income generation from a portfolio of ethically managed funds, we will work with you to define a tax efficient investment strategy to suit your needs, at a level of risk that you are comfortable with.

Although many types investment are available, the most common ones we advise on are:

  • Tax favoured ways of investing, such as ISAs and Pensions
  • Collective Investments (Unit Trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies)
  • Onshore and Offshore Investment Bonds

By investing for the long term, you are putting your money to work whilst potentially growing it at rates higher than current cash savings. Our expert team can help you choose the most suitable investments for your needs and objectives.

Of course, in the investment world as in any other, nothing stands still. We are different to many financial advisers as we will actively manage your investment portfolio, reviewing it with you on a regular basis to ensure that it develops and matures with your changing requirements and circumstances.

Please give us a call at the office 01752 205205 or send us an email if you wish to discuss any aspect of investments further. 

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