Your Home

SWLaw in Devon is here to help you whether you are :

  • Buying your first home
  • Moving up to a large family home
  • Re-financing your mortgage borrowings
  • Acquiring investment property
  • Downsizing to a more manageable home or to release capital
  • Extracting some of the value from your property by Equity Release

Typically there will be too much to think about and it can all become a bit daunting!

Buying property

How is the property to be financed? And what will happen if there is a change in circumstances - perhaps an accident, illness, redundancy or a relationship breakdown? Is this a joint purchase with one or more other buyers and how will your respective investments be protected? Do you need a 'living together' (co-habitation) agreement or, at least, a formal record of the shares in which the property is to be held? What risks are you exposed to and should you look to protect yourself by insurance? Have you written a will? If so, when did you last update it?

Investing in property

You will need to consider how property is to be held - individually, jointly, by a company, under trusts ? How is it to be financed? What are the terms of any lease or letting? What are the practical and taxation points to consider?

Downsizing or Equity Release

Typically, you will be looking to the proceeds to fund your income needs and you may be considering the possible impact of care costs. You may be starting to think about passing wealth to family whether during your lifetime or by Will. Inheritance tax is likely to be a concern and you may be looking for ways to reduce the tax burden. Perhaps you have not dusted off your Will for a long time. On a practical note, who would make decisions on your behalf and manage your affairs if you were unable to do so ?

Of course, we can help you with the sale and purchase of property (or with a re-mortgage) but we will also help you to deal with the related matters that are so easily overlooked and which can be so important. More than that, we can help you to deal with some of these other pressing issues that can so easily be overlooked - sometimes with unwelcome consequences.

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