Marriage and Family Law

Legal Advice For The Good Times And The Bad

At SWLaw in Devon we work with people going through key life changes: Marriage, civil partnerships, the arrival of children, relationship breakdown — all of these events impact your legal status and lead inevitably to shifting financial and other priorities. At SWLaw, our job is to protect you in all these circumstances.

Getting The Full Picture

To offer the best service possible, we take the time to understand your personal situation. Only by getting the big picture of your plans for the future and your priorities can we provide an effective package of advice and services. If you want to, you can take advantage of our integrated legal and financial service, including advice on mortgages, investments and insurance.

Our team of solicitors provides comprehensive guidance to clients throughout Devon on family law, including children matters and the legal consequences of getting married, living together or entering a civil partnership. Our advice covers:

  • How marriage and civil partnership affects you legally — We will alert you to the importance of spelling out property and other rights before you move in together or get married.
  • Prenuptial agreements — These straightforward contracts are increasingly being used in England and Wales as a way to safeguard assets in the event your relationship breaks down. We can represent only one of you, but can refer your partner to an independent lawyer for advice.
  • Legal aspects of separation — If you do not wish to divorce it's still possible to make a watertight agreement about finances and children arrangements when you separate.
  • Divorce law and financial settlements — We will defend the interests of you and your children when long-term relationships do not work out.
  • Child arrangements when there is disagreement or during divorce.