Family Law Solicitors in Devon

From Cradle To Grave, Taking Time To Safeguard Your Future

It is a well-worn phrase, but the idea of "whole of life" legal and financial care is a genuine reflection of the approach the solicitors and financial planners take at SWLaw in Devon. When it comes to you and your family, we think it is difficult — and sometimes dangerous — to try to deal with issues in an isolated way.

Our clients usually come to us because of the personal recommendation of existing clients throughout Devon who depend on us for long-term strategic advice on their personal affairs.

Whether you come to us for advice on family law, guidance on how you can best protect your financial future or buying or selling property, we invest the time necessary to understand the hurdles you need to confront immediately, but also to develop a full understanding and set in its broader context the matter for which you have approached us.

By taking the long-term view and offering practical advice that anticipates complications before they arise, we deliver dependable results in a cost-effective way.

Groups Of Services, Tailored For You

By using SWLaw, you get access to a team of experienced lawyers and financial planners. We back each other up, grouping our services together to provide the most appropriate advice for you and your family. Here are some of the ways this broad approach is reflected in our work:

  • Estate planning is not just about preparing your will: We offer complementary advice on a range of matters, including inheritance tax mitigation, trusts and lasting powers of attorney, and we tackle issues such as how you can meet the cost of residential care in the future.
  • When you ask us to provide conveyancing services, we will think about what other legal or financial guidance might be necessary. This may involve updating your will, signing a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement or providing advice on suitable mortgage products.
  • Our family lawyers look at your situation as a whole when advising on divorce, financial arrangements and reaching agreement on children matters.
  • When handling legal disputes, we offer realistic advice, weighing up what you have to gain against the possible risks. Where we can, we will help you resolve disputes such as debt recovery actions and other litigation through mediation and negotiation, avoiding court if possible.

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Call us without obligation on 01752 205202 or make a free enquiry online. We are in the South Hams, next to the A38 Expressway.